Company Profile

COMINGO is one of the most innovative service providers in the field of transportation services, providing easy and affordable car rental and transfer services in its branches operating throughout Turkey.

Rigorent collects all the needs related to car rental and transfer services under one roof and delivers professional services in individual and corporate car rental, chauffeur service and transfer services areas.

Rigorent is a widespread, competitive, corporate, car rental and transfer brand serving under the umbrella of Tur Asist. Rigorent offers quality and comfort along with reasonable price, car rental and transfer services and provides non-stop travel assurance 24/7.Tur Asist was established in 1996 as a Turkish subsidiary of Mapfre Asistencia, a subsidiary of the Spanish Mapfre Group, which provides services in 38 countries with its own companies and with contracted entities in other countries at superior standards.

For detailed information about TUR ASIST please visit : www.turassist.com

Car Rental Service
Under the umbrella of Tur Asist, which provides individual car rental services throughout Turkey with its large fleet of cars, Rigorent is devoted to the principle of offering advantageous prices to its customers. In addition to wide range of competitive prices and vehicles Rigorent wills to make its customers feel comfortable and special from the beginning to the end of their travels.

Transfer Service
Rigorent offers the privilege of quality service at an affordable price for everyone with its transfer service, which is carefully prepared according to customer expectations. Rigorent transfer service provides customers with fast, reliable, technology-based, value-adding, enjoyable 24/7, uninterrupted and comfortable travel experience with its VIP and chauffeur-driven cars at high safety and quality standards where customers can choose ‘Premium’ or ‘Comfort’ based on the number of people and capacity they need.


As a car rental and transfer brand that makes a difference in the sector and gathers all the travel needs under one roof; to add value always to our customers by providing a reliable, easily accessible, enjoyable, comfortable and flawless travel experience with the best price advantages.

Our vision

Always being by your side wherever you need at the best price and making your travels easy and enjoyable with Tur Asist security.

Now you can benefit from Rigorent's advantageous services!